In stock: BlackOut Critter Cutters!

BlackOut Critter Cutters are in stock. These are solid stainless steel with an industrial strength, non-slip, black, powder coated finish. Powder coating is typically used for things like appliances, bicycles, and cars.

Critter Cutter Bottle Opener

The fun and adventurous Critter Cutter™: Easy, stylish way to open bottles & boxes. It even holds your keys! Looks good and works great! Solid stainless steel that will not wear out like those cheap, mass-produced aluminum bottle openers. With a unique, copyrighted, artistic design the Critter Cutter™ is a 100% American made, stainless steel multi-tool bottle opener that also functions as a box opener, can tab pry bar, can top punch and keychain.

The Critter Cutter™ is a multi-tasker (even the eye and mouth serve functions). There is a church key bottle opener on one end and a twist-off bottle opener on the other. The eye serves as a hole for a lanyard or key chain. The nose functions as a box-cutter blade or pry-bar for prying stubborn can tabs. Use it instead of your fingers for poking and prying. The nose is also PERFECT for poking holes in the top of the new punch top cans.

Open Your Adventure ...

Animal imagery has appeared in art throughout history and in all cultures. Medieval cathedrals used waterspouts shaped like animals to keep them safe. Since prehistoric times animal imagery has been used to adorn tools, weapons and ships to convey numerous powers, bring good luck and keep people safe as they struck out on adventures. Critter Cutters are ready to help you on your adventures. Carry a Critter Cutter™ with you wherever you go!

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